Wednesday, June 07, 2017

WaPo D.C. Sports Bog Covers the Breeze Game...Promotion

As you may have heard a local high school ultimate coach won $5,000 at the D.C. Breeze game on Sunday. The winning toss happened in before the start of the 4th quarter - not halftime.

Today (June 7), Dan Steinberg wrote a recap of the promotion in The Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog - D.C. high school coach wins $5,000 with 50-yard halftime Frisbee toss.

From the WaPo article:
The club thought that a win in this challenge would be good: exciting for fans, thrilling for the winner, possibly noteworthy enough to entice an extremely bored and depressed local sportswriter into covering a stunt at an ultimate Frisbee game.

Don Grage, D.C. Breeze managing partner: "We didn't think anybody would, to be honest. It's not too easy to hit a little mannequin from 50 yards...we were very happy to give away this prize...we thought it would be just great for the sport, great for awareness and exciting for the fans."

Dave Ohls ($5000 winner): "I'm not an elite level player, but I'm one of a set of people who could potentially do it. That's where I am in the hierarchy of Frisbee."

Omitted in the DC Sports Bog piece - though, covered here - is the game outcome. (DC Breeze won 18-17.)

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