Monday, June 05, 2017

DC High School Ultimate Coach Wins $5000 DC Breeze Prize

The D.C. Breeze debuted their $5kToss promotion at home games for this 2017 AUDL season. After 5 games in they already have a winner.

The rules are simple: a contestant has three chances of hitting targets - mannequins wearing DC Breeze swag - with a Discraft Ultra Star (AUDL's official disc). First, the contestant must throw and hit the mannequin on the fly with a throw from 5 yards away as a gateway to the next 2 options. With any remaining discs left, the contestant can choose to run downfield and throw again from 25 yards away at another target for a DC Breeze fan pack and/or throw from 50 yards away to win the grand prize...$5000!

On Sunday, during the break between the 3rd and 4th quarter of DC's game versus New York, a contestant threw a forehand 50 yards that hit its target to win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! The contestant is a former Carleton College ultimate player with nearly 20 years of playing ultimate. Dave O is the ultimate coach at Wilson High School where the Tigers have won multiple DC state championships.
Prize winner (center) after winning $5000 with mannequin target (left). [via]

Video of his prize-winning flick:
The DC Breeze would also win...the game; an 18-17 win over New York in double overtime.

As a generalized equivalent, Dave's $5000 winning = a D.C. Breeze player's pay after 200 AUDL semi-professional games.

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