Friday, June 16, 2017

Exact Yardage for a Beach Ultimate Field

With WFDF's World Beach Ultimate Championships starting this weekend in France, it's important to note the recommended field size could vary depending on your preferred unit of length.

WCBU 2017 5-on-5 rules dictate:
The field consists of a 45 m x 25 m (49 x 27 yd) rectangle called the playing field proper, with a 15 m by 25 m (16 x 27 yd) rectangle called an endzone aligned along each of the 25 m (27 yd) sides.

However the conversion from meters to yards is not a round number.

15 meters = 16.4042 yards
45 meters = 49.2126 yards
25 meters = 27.3403 yards

The yardage specifications of a 5-on-5 beach ultimate field measure larger in all areas than presented by BULA. So, a beach ultimate specced out in meters, as regulated by WFDF and BULA, is smaller than a yardage field; and, a beach ultimate field measured in yards is larger compared to a beach field in meters. Above is the updated field size if measuring a beach ultimate field by yards.

It might be worth for international players at WCBU to inquire whether their beach ultimate field is in meters or yards.

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