Saturday, October 02, 2010

Go Sox!

ultimate socksAnd this little piggy went "Fleece! Fleece! Fleece!" all the way home...

Super-soft n·a·p® socks [Brookstone]

Info: Made of ultra-plush NapSoft® material, our socks cradle your feet in soothing warmth. They're perfect for dozing or lounging around at any time of day. The minute your skin comes in contact with these socks, you begin to feel their therapeutic effect. They instantly cuddle your feet & ankles in soothing softness and cradle you in comfort. The result is a warm, relaxing sensation that seems to permeate through your entire body.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the perfect socks for rest and relaxation.

Size: One size fits most feet. Socks are machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Color: Coco + Mink (brown)

Price: $20.00

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