Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OBX Trivia Answers

Answers to the SLUDGEOBXpardy trivia questions about Sludge's OBX history in honor of the 10th Anny are below . . . . . . . . . .

"Warm up" question: how much Sludge can a hot tub hold?
A: 11.

Q1. What famous rock-and-roller was once mimicked by Mike during a game of Celebrity?
A: Mick Jagger.

Q2. Which critical piece of kitchen equipment was missing during OBX 2008?
A: Coffee Maker.

Q3. Which people have attended all OBX events from 2001 to 2009?
A: Matthew & Fishpez.

Q4. What was the location of the first official OBX event?
A: Corolla.

Q5. Who once proposed saving yen by foraging?
A: Jen.

Q6. In which year did gale-force winds may it necessary to invoke "the Rule" for beach ultimate?
A: 2001.

Q7. How did Rob once fix a broken oven on pizza night?
A: His big buttocks.

Q8. Which of the following games have NOT been played at any OBX event? Ultimate, chess, Risk, poker, paper football, Battleship, Balderdash, pool (billiards), Candyland, foosball?
A: Risk.

Q9. Who once called from an OBX hot tub to compliment a beer company on the quality of its brew?
A: Joe.

Q10. What did Hurricane Isabel indirectly cause Gayle to have to do while at OBX?
A: Receive a tetanus shot.

Hot tubbing (2001 in OBX)

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