Friday, October 22, 2010

SLUDGEopardy V

Welcome to the fifth & final round of SLUDGEopardy trivia questions about Sludge's tournament history - tracked, archived & devised by Matthew - in honor of the 25th season. A special prize for the person with the most correct answers. Submit answers via Comments.


First Round: Questions 1 - 5
Second Round: Questions 6 - 10
Third Round: Questions 11 - 15
Fourth Round: Questions 16 - 20

Q21. In Spring 2009, Sludge failed to capitalize on the home field advantage of Montgomery Hills. Instead it finished 0-3 in its pool against O Face, JAC Hammer, and a team that Sludge had beaten many times before. What was this yellow-shirted team’s name?

Q22. The following season (Fall 2009), for the second time in its history, Sludge finished 3-1 in pool play but got eliminated on points. What was the controversial rule that contributed to this outcome?

Q23. In Spring 2010, in a case of regrettable déjà vu, Sludge again finished 0-3 in pool play at Montgomery Hills despite supposed home field advantage and a number-one seeding. One of the three losses came at the hands of a blue-shirted team that Sludge had a very long history of beating. Name the team.

Q24. What is Sludge’s win-loss record in championship games (finals)?

Q25. Sludge’s most recent victory in quarterfinal or higher game was against a team called Trunk Monkey. During what year and season did this occur?

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