Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 6: Wipeout

Sludge immediately befriended Anacostia Park’s prevailing wind by taking quick advantage of unforced errors. The offense scored non-ebBullient upwinders grabbing an early lead at 3-2, and breezing to a 5-point lead at halftime.

If Russ’s 3 drops were any indication, this game was out of reach… for the team that did not make any 2nd half adjustments. 10-4, 10-5.

poolsign The wind became a non-factor for brown whose cleats appeared filled with sand. With less-than-active-cutting and uncharacteristic throwaways, the only good point made was how we shoulda implemented the “One-Turnover” per possession afforded to Generation II at OBX. Sludge D was more like a construction Zone – needing lotsa repairs! As Sludge kept “just” playin’, backhand’dcompliment kept scoring. The tide officially changed as ba’co tied it at 11’s.

There was no way to control the drift. Sludge tired & no rescue was possible. Loss 12-15.

NOTES: We may disappointed Rachel, but we definitely let down Geneviève!


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