Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Week 4: Win by a Hare

ULTortoIseOut of the gate, the red team of NexGen sprinted ahead 2-0. Sludge plodded with a no-hurry offense and rubbed their lucky rabbit’s foot creating accepting any/all turnovers. Up 3-2, somehow, a person D [aka, man-to-man] was suggested and applied after brown’s zone was determined ineffective. 3-3. OK, back to zone D…3-4. 3-5. 4-6.

Luck was on Sludge’s side allowing Chris’ hanger to be caught by Nigel for a score & Nigel’s tipped D throw was caught by Steve in the end zone. Sarah, instead, relied on her skills to squeeze a flick at the corner cone to Nigel. 6-8.

With the sun setting, shadows slow flowed to the end zone; guidance the older team took (flow, not setting). The O spread the disc around steadily; defensively, Sludge stayed in their Zone shell, but with a twist - the zone wings took a deeper position allowing much more space between them and the active cup. 9-8.

Sludge tortoisequed momentum at 12-11 as they snapped NexGen 1-point zone D.

At 15-14, person D stuck its neck out again to catch our opponents napping. Russ beat his player to the disc in middle of the field and went in for the final score. Win 16-14.


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