Friday, October 01, 2010


Welcome to the fourth round of SLUDGEopardy trivia questions about Sludge's tournament history - tracked, archived & devised by Matthew - in honor of the 25th season. A special prize for the person with the most correct answers. Submit answers via Comments.


First Round: Questions 1 - 5
Second Round: Questions 6 - 10
Third Round: Questions 11 - 15

Q16. In Spring 2006, Sludge was eliminated by a short-lived team called Cold Fusion. In what round of the tournament did this occur?

Q17. The following season (Fall 2006) Sludge faced Absinthe Minded in the semi-finals, a game that Sludge would lose on universe point, 14-13. What memorable play occurred in that game?

Q18. In Spring 2007, Sludge failed to advance after going 0-3 in its pool. One of the three losses was to Chomp. The other losses were to teams with which Kelly Luck was associated – one officially and one because of Wildwood. Name these two teams.

Q19. The next season (Fall 2007) Sludge struggled in pool play and barely survived the pre-quarterfinal, only to be soundly defeated in the quarterfinals by what newly renamed team? (Hint: Prior incarnations included Sunny Daze and Flibbertigibbit.)

Q20. After having the Spring 2008 tournament rained out, Sludge was eliminated by Absinthe Minded in which round of the Fall 2008 tournament?

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