Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 7: 15 Pts is 2 Damn High

2highYour opinion of Sludge's game success would have depended on what point(s) you saw them play on Saturday.

Before the first pull, Sludge was judged by its warm-ups and secretly labeled “not new” by our opponents. Sludge then set out on a 3-0-no-u-didn’t lead. The spry offense was backed by a slight wind and quicker-to-the-disc attitude Zone D. And, of course, some luck with a tipped score from Matthew; 7-3.

Up 8-3 at half, Sludge scored most points off Ab’minded unforced turnovers.

Still, as the brown team improved on D, their offense repeatedly failed to score with many missed O-ppurtunities at the goal line. Case in ONE Point: Jen to Steve (drop); MicHael to Jen (throwaway); finally, MicHael to Jen (Score!). Yet those near-misses turned out to be enough for the battle of field position. 10-6.

The unthinkable happened...Would you believe Mike's hammer could be blocked? Sludge was crashing (again) just after they had scored double digits; 10-8. Sludge finally broke through with some timely smack downs from Rachel. Win 15-10.


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