Friday, February 13, 2015

Scandal Ultimate Featured on D.C. Radio

The weekly DC public radio show Metro Connection (WAMU) addresses "passion" just in time for Valentine's Day.  What better topic to discuss than the sport of ultimate?

Two-time USAU National Champions D.C. Scandal is interviewed in this piece "Meet The Ladies Of D.C.'s Ultimate Frisbee Championship-Winning Team" by Lauren Landau.

The piece on a "rather unusual sport" was broadcast at 1pm ET today.

LISTEN to the STORY. [5:35]

Here are a few choice quotes...
Allison Maddux (Scandal): "What's so great about the women's division that I really like is everyone is just pushing the game to the next level there, and it's just so fun to be able to play with a whole bunch of other really strong, really athletic, really smart women and have that community."

Jenny Fey (Scandal): "There's so many opportunities for giant plays and I think the movement is just so beautiful to watch."

Alicia White (Scandal): "[Ultimate] just provides that balance of like, having friends and running around, exercise, physical activity, the competition that we lack in kind of other aspects of our life."

Jenny Fey (Scandal): "Once you start to play at a high level, it really consumes your life, but it's not a negative thing...the people on my team are some of my best friends. You know, the hours you spend training, and the amount of money and time we put into it, it completely is worth it for me."

Sandy Jorgensen (Scandal): "[Ultimate is] the place that I get to be competitive and athletic and feel powerful and confident, which I don't always at work or when I was in school. And it's just an amazing community of both women and men in the larger community."

Jonathon Neeley (Truck Stop): "When you do run out of energy and you feel like you're out of time and you finish work and you don't want to go to practice, it's the people and it's the passion for the game that keep you coming back."

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