Monday, February 09, 2015

Frisbee Spotlighted in WIRED

WIRED magazine and Rob Corddry are on the same page when it comes to loving the Frisbee. Regarding the Frisbee's design, WIRED says "genius," while Corddry thinks "perfect."

WIRED mag dedicated a full page (page 58) – 217 total words and a space filler of a WHAM-O Frisbee image – in their 23.02 issue to spotlight the Wham-O Frisbee, in an article titled The Design Genius of the Frisbee. Yes, the Frisbee.

Article snippets:
In 1955 (or 1957) [Morrison] sold his invention to Wham-O—manufacturer of slingshots and Hula-Hoops—where a product designer named Ed Headrick made the final tweak of rippling the top with concentric ridges. These add turbulence, which holds air against the surface for a longer flight. 
Engineers have since validated those design choices. (For instance, ridges add turbulence, holding air against the surface for longer flight.) And the rest of us have validated the Frisbee's power as a social lubricant...

Read full article.

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