Saturday, February 07, 2015

Rob Corddry Wished He Invented the Frisbee

Debonair funnyman Rob Corddry admits he wished he invented the Frisbee in a recent interview on Alicia Menendez Tonight.

Corddry while promoting Hot Tub Time Machine 2, is asked a hypothetical question: "If you could invent something - go back in real life - what would you invent?"

Rob Corddry (matter of factly): The Frisbee.

Alicia Menendez (dismayed): Of all the things in the world? The Frisbee?!

Corddry: It's a...

Menendez: How much money could you make off that?...Have people made a lot of money of Frisbees??

Corddry: I would love to run those numbers right now...because, I mean, perfect design. Look at the thing. Look at the way it flies.


Corddry: You're always buying new Frisbees, man!!


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