Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Who Really Won the AUDL in 2012?

"Philadelphia" is definitely correct. But, would you also believe Phoenix?? 

The teams page on the American Ultimate Disc League website is chock-full of colors, logos, abbreviations, social media links and...some historical revisionism.
Compilation of AUDL Champs [images via AUDL webpage]
According to the AUDL's webpage, the Philadelphia Phoenixnot the Spinners, won the 2012 AUDL Championship Trophy. There's a trophy icon inscribed with 12 aside the Phoenix's listing.

The AUDL hardware was recently photographed at a San Jose Spiders tryout, and the trophy clearly states the winning city and team.

UPDATE [2/18/2015]
Solution: An asterisk has been deservedly placed aside the Philadelphia team's 2012 trophy icon.

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