Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 World Championship Beach Ultimate Broadcast Schedule

The 2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate are fast approaching. A total of 71 beach ultimate teams are set to compete at WCBU 2015. There are 25 countries represented at this WFDF international beach ultimate event which takes place over March 8 - 13 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


According to the published WCBU schedule, a total of 23 games will possibly be broadcast live.

WCBU Broadcast Guide:

DateTime (GST)GameDivision
SUN March 83pmUnited States vs GermanyWomen
MON March 911amGermany vs PhilippinesOpen
MON March 91pmNetherlands vs UgandaMixed
MON March 92pmAustralia vs FranceOpen
MON March 94pmCanada vs RussiaWomen
TUES March 108amKenya vs United Arab EmiratesOpen
TUES March 1010amIreland vs JapanMixed
TUES March 1012pmGreat Britain vs JapanOpen
TUES March 103pmUnited States vs CanadaOpen
TUES March 105pmCanada vs SwedenMixed
WED March 118amPhilippines vs CanadaOpen Masters
WED March 1110amIndia vs GermanyOpen
WED March 1112pmGreat Britain vs GermanyWomen
WED March 113pmPortugal vs RussiaMixed
TH March 1212pmSemi-finalsMixed
TH March 121pmSemi-finalsOpen
TH March 123:15pmFinalsWomen Masters
TH March 124:30pmFinalsMixed Masters
FRI March 1310:15amFinalsGrand Masters
FRI March 1311:30amFinalsOpen Masters
FRI March 1312:45pmFinalsWomen
FRI March 132pmFinalsOpen
FRI March 133:15pmFinalsMixed
Subject to change. Data via WCBU schedule (v1.1 Feb 20)*
*Possibly broadcast live on Dubai Sports TV with online streaming at

NOTE: The times listed are local Dubai time (GST), which is currently 9 hours ahead of EST. After DST, Dubai will be 8 hours ahead of EDT.

Broadcast Schedule by Day:
Sunday = 1 game
Monday = 4 games
Tuesday = 5 games
Wednesday = 4 games
Thursday = 4
Friday = 5 games

Broadcast Games by Division:
Open = 8
Mixed = 6
Women = 4
Open Masters = 2
Grand Masters  = 1
Mixed Masters = 1
Women Masters = 1


Anonymous said...

So, this is right in the middle of daylight savings time. Any idea how that will affect viewing times?

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 9:07pm,
Dubai does not observe Daylight Saving Time, so WCBU games will be 8 hours ahead of EDT.