Thursday, February 26, 2015

Visiting Currier Island

Of all the teams at World Flying Disc Federation's World Championships of Beach Ultimate, the most mysterious team is...

Currier Island.
Q: Where is Currier Island?
A: Currier Island is a small tropical land mass with less than 5,000 extremely athletic and jaw-droppingly attractive inhabitants. They are the home for people without homes—or, in many cases, for people whose homes suck and want better homes. Of course by 'home' they mean "team".

Q: What is Currier Island?
A: Currier Island is less a country and "more a state of mind." It exists, no doubt, but its sheer metaphysical power has long overwhelmed its shifty geographic identity. Currier island is that quiet place that exists inside us all: that place where there are no laws, no money, no police and no problems...just the spirit of the game.

Currier Island is a "country in the making." Brainchild of Ivan Zoltan Cestero, each BULA World Championship will now see one pickup team that represents 'Currier Island'. The idea is that each year the team that represents Currier Island will add to the country's history/tradition.

Q: Will Currier Island be competing at WCBU 2015 in Dubai, UAE?
A: Yes, five (5) beach ultimate teams are representing the Currier Island in all divisions except Mixed and Open. Currier Island (CUR) is scheduled to play 33 games at WCBU.

Q: What seed are the Currier Island teams?
A: Four of their teams are seeded last in the divisions of Women, Mixed Masters, Open Masters, Women Masters and their Grand Masters team is seeded second from last.

Q: How competitive is Currier Island?
A: Currier Island can "never make it to the semi-finals," but they will bring excitement and fun to the Championship.

Their goal is to put together a team that will not only play with other Currierians, but will also reach out to party and play with players and teams from around the world. They seek outgoing, fun, energetic Ultimate players who can not only hold their own on the sand, but at the parties as well.

For more information, check out their website at and Get Horizontal.

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