Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Tryout Fees for AUDL Teams

Tryouts for professional Ultimate team in the American Ultimate Disc League had a registration fee ranging from $25 to $80. Most teams offered a reduced rate for returning players. Below is a compilation of tryout fees at the regular rate (i.e. non-returning player). Swag (free disc, shirt, etc.) was not factored into the fees.
AUDL Tryout Fees 2015 [updated 3/19/15]
:AUDL Tryout Fees:
Average: $44.04 (26 teams)
Highest: $80; Salt Lake Lions
Lowest: $25; Minnesota Wind Chill, Vancouver Riptide, Madison Radicals

:AUDL Tryout Fee History:
2012: n/a
2013: $37.83 (12 teams)
2014: $40.44 (17 teams); +$2.61 (6.9%)
2015: $44.04 (26 teams); +$3.60 (+8.9%)

If a player had participated in all 26 AUDL team tryouts, they would have spent $1145.

[Updated 3/19/15]


Anonymous said...

The Thunderbirds event was $40 until a few days before the tryout, then it jumped to $55. Not sure if that changes things.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 6:23pm,
Thanks for the update. The original amount ($55) was copied from the AUDL Tryout List webpage, but I see from the event page that the original fee = $40. Back to the chart drawing board...