Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wham-O Instructions for Frisbee Ultimate

Frisbees sold by Wham-O include instructions for playing a game called "Frisbee® Ultimate." Wham-O brands the game of ultimate with a similar naming sequence for Disc Golf, or the comedic [SeinfeldThe Officenomenclature "Frisbee Golf". Wham-O has owned the patent since 1957 for the Pluto Platter, which was renamed Frisbee in 1958.

Wham-O's 2-page instructions cover:
Field Size
Game Basics

Lessons learned:
1. "Ultimate is a flexable [sic] game." (So is spelling, apparently.)

2. There's room for improvement in the analogy department. "A disc is like a pair of scissors. You're not supposed to run with either!"

3. Field dimensions are outdated; 25-yard EZ's instead of 20 yards. (Hey, any flying plastic disc company can make that mistake.)

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