Monday, March 23, 2015

AUDL 2015 Appearances on ESPN3

The American Ultimate Disc League announced their livestream ESPN 3 schedule for the 2015 season. A total of 14 regular season games plus some postseason games will be broadcast.  In 2014, AUDL also streamed 14 regular season games on ESPN3. The majority of 2015 teams will have at least one game live streamed on ESPN3, but not all.

(2) ESPN3 games: 11 AUDL teams
(1) ESPN3 games: 6 AUDL teams
No ESPN3 games: 8 AUDL teams - DC Breeze, Rochester Dragons, Philadelphia Phoenix, Nashville NightWatch, Cincinnati Revolution, Minnesota Wind Chill, Detroit Mechanix,  and Indianapolis AlleyCats
  • The Revolution will not be televised
  • NightWatch are the only new (2015) team not on the ESPN3 schedule
  • 3/8 teams without any ESPN3 games are original (2012) AUDL teams - AlleyCats, Mechanix, Revolution.
  • Over half of teams with 2 games (6/11) are new franchises in 2015. [via]

Overall, 68% of AUDL teams (17/25) get some ESPN3 exposure in the regular season. The Midwest Division has the fewest teams scheduled for ESPN3 games, while every AUDL West Division team will make an appearance on ESPN3.

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