Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MLU 2015 Jerseys

Major League Ultimate teams are slowly revealing their new jerseys for the 2015 season. Unlike past seasons, teams will not have a home and away (or primary and alternative) but will only have one uniform. Here are the new tops and shorts made by Canterbury:

New York Rumble
Shorts: Black

Seattle Rainmakers
Shorts: Blue

Philadelphia Spinners
Shorts: Maroon

San Francisco Dogfish
Shorts: "Bright accent" orange
Boston Whitecaps
Shorts: Navy blue
Portland Stags
Shorts: Forest green
Washington DC Current
Shorts: Black

Vancouver NightHawks
Shorts: Black

[Images via MLU team sites, except for screenshot of tweet]


Gary said...


As a North American I promise that I will never ever wear a jersey that is primarily a corporate sponsor. No matter what.

Anonymous said...

These are all hideous and ugly. I know the MLU wants ultimate to be like soccer, but this is pretty much trying to mirror it. Instead of making ultimate look like soccer, how about, oh, you look like ultimate? The MLU is terrible.

If reports of lack of funds are true, then they don't even have separate home and away jerseys.

Aman Sony said...

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Norman Smith said...

I am collecting different jerseys and wearing them too.