Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Slate Podcast Talks Ultimate Frisbee

Slate's sports podcast Hang Up and Listen spent 3 minutes and 12 seconds on the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in their March 2nd, 2015, episode. Ultimate was the main topic for one 'Afterballs' segment where Josh Levin (Slate's executive editor and originator of the "Shaggy defense," which has nothing to do with defending one's sports goal) focused on India's ultimate scene.

Fast forward to 57:15 to hear the segment on ultimate.

The Sundance-winning film, 175 Grams, was the introduction to the segment. Levin drops knowledge about WFDF's revocation of Flying Disc Federation of India and the India's Ultimate Players Association.

India's beach team jerseys (seen below) are given high praise because of the peacock image.
India beach jerseys [via]
Additional mentions include: WFDF country rankings (India is 43rd out of 45) and the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Dubai.

[h/t HULA Podcast]

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