Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MLU Selects Canterbury of New Zealand as Uniform Provider

After a one year sponsorship by Five Ultimate in 2013 and then another one-year deal with Puma in 2014, Major League Ultimate has selected another official apparel company for the 2015 season -- Canterbury of New Zealand.

Known as a rugby outfitter, MLU points out:"this marks Canterbury's first venture into the world of ultimate."

A quick search for reviews on Canterbury shorts yielded mostly positive with a few cons such as:
"A little on the short end"
"Tight in the waist"
"Sizing runs 1 size small"

Of note, this particular style has a tiny internal pocket (for a mouthguard) and sports a 4.5" inseam. The initial reveal of information by MLU did not go into, um, length about the style of shorts Canterbury would be providing the 8-team league. MLU's 2014 fashion statement is something they just canterbury - their leg-acy will forever be associated with its short shorts.

:Comparison of Lengths of New York Rumble Shorts:
MLU Shorts: Puma (left); Five Ultimate (right).
[Photos by UltiPhotos; Jason Honyotski & Sandy Canetti]

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