Monday, March 30, 2015

Fools Fest Logo Redemption

The 38th Annual Fools/Fool's - is it with or without an apostrophe??? - Fest organized by WAFC and hosted at John Lee Pratt Park in Fredericksburg occurred over the weekend. As expected (as always!), fun was had by all.

Thankfully, the organizers saved themselves from winning the Most Bland Logo for an Ultimate Tournament by publishing one of the more creative logos for their 80's-themed event. See below:
Jester logo [Fools event page]

Pac-Man themed logo [via Fools program]
The Pac-Man game board image is not perfect by any means. Look at those unconnected lines! Regardless, the creative vision can be seen. If you had enough to drink in the beer garden, the lines would blur and ribbing about a program logo that no one read would be foolish.

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dusty.rhodes said...

I always thought it was Fools' Fest.