Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Do Over: USA Ultimate Teams, Events, Programs

The 2015 calendar year was a busy 12 months! Here are some memorable moments that are USA Ultimate-related (teams, programs &/or events).

[in no particular order]

Best Reminder
Mixed Club Easterns [May 2015]
"NO GLASS WHATSOEVER ON FIELDS! (Pickle jars prohibited)"

Coolest Collaboration
Swing Cows (Washington DC Swing Vote + Bay Area Happy Cows) [October 2015]

Best Song Parody
Ultimate Funk by Stanford Superfly with lyrics that are disco super fly. [April 2015]

Best Club Team
Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust. D'nT completed their three-peat at USA Ultimate National Championships (2013, 2014, 2015), and won PAUC 2015. Not to mention, winning WUCC in Lecco in 2014. The only thing Drag'n Thrust is dragging are championship trophies home to Minnesota.

Most Impressive Performance
USA U-23 teams posted a (29-1) record, winning two golds and a silver. [July 2015]

Most Unexpected Goodbye
Girls' Ultimate Movement (GUM) co-Founder, Zara Cadoux. [September 2015]

Best Non-Game Photo
UltiPhotos wins every time for on-field pics, but this off-field snap of Dr. Tom Crawford @ 2015 Youth Ultimate Coaching Conference is in-the-moment awesome. [February 2015]

Best Perspective
Bama Secs' field map for USA Ultimate's National Championships. [September 2015]

Best Scheduling
Triple Crown Tour 2015 Post-season. All of the Sectionals across the country were played on the same weekend(8/29-8/30) AND all of the Regionals were also played on the same weekend (9/12-9/13). [August-September 2015]

Most Strangely Intensely Beautiful Weird Ending to a Game
The immaculate Spirit Circle - after a Spirit Timeout - during Team USA vs Philippines Boracay Dragons on the final point of their semi-final game at World Championships of Beach Ultimate was a sight to behold. And hold....for nearly 3 minutes. Coverage by Skyd. [March 2015]

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