Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Of in 2015

bestofTime to air out our B.O....

What a year of ultimate! This blog published nearly 350 posts this year covering topics related to the sport of ultimate. Let's reflect on the year gone by!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

2015's Best-Of based on traffic
Top 20 Posts in '15

20. What is MickleMania?

19. Ultimate Frisbee as a College Course

18. MLU Player Benefits (Recreated)

17. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Coached Ultimate

16. R.I.P.: Salt Lake Lions and Rochester Dragons

15. Prize Money Totals in Triple Crown Tour 2015

14. "Free Random Exposure" for Ultimate

13. WCBU 2015 Leaderboard / USA Players

12. [MAP] USA Ultimate Beach Championships 2015

11. Club Ultimate Team Alphabet

10. Recap: Logo Reviews of 10 Pro Ultimate Teams

9. Ultimate Frisbee in Pictures

8. Sportsbook: AUDL / MLU

7. Interview with Evan Lepler

6. Jerseys for AUDL 2015 Season

5. Pro Ultimate Season Snapshots: MLU / AUDL

4. Interchangeable AUDL Team Logos

3. Logo Mashup: AUDL Teams + Star Wars

2. Ultimate Teams Honor Marriage Equality

1. Women Coaches in Pro Ultimate

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Anonymous said...

This was kind of a monumental moment for ultimate.

Sludge said...

FWIW, these were the LEAST viewed posts last year:
(in no particular order)

Sky'Em All

B2tF Day
Cutting by Riot
MLU Hardware
Map of U23 Locations
DOJ, haha
B'Earth Day
Scandal wins!