Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Do Over: Ultimate in 2015

What a great year in ultimate! USA Ultimate was super busy, but there was so much more. Such as...

Best Ultimate Tour
The All-Star Ultimate Tour in its first year of existence successfully traveled to nine cities this summer. [July-August 2015]

Least Convenient Home Venue
New York Rumble's first "home" game of the 2015 MLU season wasn't.
screengrab via
Best Weekend of Ultimate Watching
August 8-August 9, 2015; twelve livestreamed games from a variety of media providers.

Best Jest
@burnsideulti celebration of goaltimate in many, many, many, many different forms.

Best Call of a Game's End (of Regulation)
Evan Lepler - as a solo broadcaster - announcing the final two minutes of a riveting game between San Francisco vs Seattle via AUDL Radio.

Best Headline
Stop Capitalizing the Word Ultimate / Tony Leonardo via Ultiworld [March 2015]

Best Celebrity Sighting at an Ultimate Game
Winner: Ty Burrell at Portland Stags (MLU) [April 2015]

Runner-up: Dave Matthews at Seattle Rainmakers (MLU) [May 2015]

Honorable Mention: Jim Harbaugh attends magnUM practice [April 2015]

Most Welcomed Addition to Ultimate Media (Broadcasters)
Ditch [October 2015]

Best Article Featuring the Sport of Ultimate
How to navigate today's wide world of youth sports by Emily Sweeney (The Boston Globe) because her article sheds "Ultimate Frisbee" in a positive light. What makes this article special is it does NOT spell out how the sport is played! [November 2015]

Rostering Milestone: First Woman to Play Pro Ultimate
Jessi Jones signed with Raleigh Flyers (AUDL). See the roster card for that day's game with Jessi (#50). [May 2015]

Scheduling Milestone in Pro Ultimate
Winner: First Doubleheader in Pro Ultimate. Two games were played on one day by Rochester Dragons vs Montreal Royal [June 2015]

Runner-Up: First weekday game in Pro Ultimate. A Thursday matchup between Toronto Rush vs Rochester Dragons.

Best Printed Publication
Skyd, the actual magazine. [March 2015]

Best Innovation in Ultimate
Major League Ultimate's midfield pull (MFP) which was enacted for the 2015 MLU season and fully embraced with a MFP being thrown 144 times. MFP rule was an exciting addition to pro ultimate by teams seeking to extend their lead or by teams looking to make a comeback. (Data via Luke Ryan/MLU) [April 2015]

Best Live Score Reporting
The 2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU) did a sand-sational job of updating scores in an orderly fashion throughout the tournament. Full game details demonstrated each point's goal scorer and assist, plus point length.The game summary was especially informative. [March 2015]

Most Interesting Place Where Ultimate is Played
Utah! Pro ultimate may no longer be played in Salt Lake, but ultimate can still be played in a Utah prison. [July 2015]


Not ultimate, but still Frisbee-related...

Most Super Testimonial
Stan Lee uttered these words about Brodie Smith's ability to throw plastic ultimate discs: "Brodie matched the gun shot-for-shot. There's no doubt he really does possess lethal accuracy." (h/t Ultiworld) [January 2015]

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