Thursday, December 10, 2015

MLU Upgrades Ultimate Box Score

From the pro ultimate league that developed the "ultimate" field, comes another development for how ultimate scores are presented. If I had name rights to this box score for ultimate, its code name would be Ul+imate Box Score because of it adds to the game summary.

via @nicdarling
Bravo, Major League Ultimate! 

Congrats on taking a more-is-better approach to recap an ultimate game. This upgrade to how ultimate is summarized shows nuances of our sport, plus an understanding of metrics. This data collection and summary also has charting potential. MLU has been sharpening their data collection, management and analysis under the tutelage of Luke Ryan (MLU Statistical Research & Analysis Coordinator).

There's a certain simplicity to MLU's mathematical game summary even though there are many 36 numbers. This draft box score shows some real promise to succinctly inform fans about a game and to intelligibly present the sport.

I offer one possible option to simplify the visual for the purposes of:
1) Indicating which team won with a grey band.

2) Combining the first 2 quarters (1st half) to show a halftime score.

3) Consolidating how each team scored - O[ffense] and D[efense]  - in the first half (top) and then the rest of the game (bottom) for comparison sake.

Looking forward to the final version of MLU's box score for their 2016 season.

UPDATE [12/10/16] : A new draft was posted today.


Anonymous said...

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Anthony said...

I feel there are too many numbers in this box score. The only numbers that should matter are the points per quarter and the total score. All other Pro sports League does this.