Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Meetup for DC Ultimate Frisbee is Dying

The 15-year-old Meetup for finding pickup ultimate around DC - The Washington Ultimate Frisbee Meetup Group - is currently leaderless and. as a result, will be shutdown next week. The original organizer stepped down because "The collections unfortunately do not cover the costs of this website anymore." Costs associated with a Meetup group like this were $14.99/month.

The Meetup group touts nearly 2500 players and has organized over 1600 games.

The Meetup group is now being hosted on Facebook.

The Meetup-turned-Facebook Ultimate Frisbee Group currently has 261 members and continues to organize (for free) weekly games in Virginia, Maryland, and the District.

UPDATE [12/17/2015]: Tim Smith (WAFC's new Executive Director) stepped in as the Meetup's Organizer. The Washington Ultimate Frisbee Meetup Group lives on to play another day game.

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