Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vines of the Year, 2015

In the amount of time it would take you to count a dozen stall counts in a row, you can watch these favorite 6-second clips from 2015...

International Olympic Committee approves WFDF.

Timmer Farrell [NY Empire] celebrates with the kick brush.

Rob Corddry loves the Frisbee. Seriously. He loves the plastic flying disc.
Nick Spiva [DC Truck Stop] goes after the disc.

Drops are not usual for Muk [NY Rumble], but he sure can drop knowledge on ultimate disc throws.

Below is the final clip featuring the team Ditch compiled for Manilla Spirits. Let it be known that previous draft versions included a cut to Alice (the housekeeper).



Layout @ WCBU 2015!

Jeff Snader stepped down as MLU Commish in September. This snippet from October 2013 uncovered his possible aspirations.

Jump! Catch! Score! @ PAUC 2015

Jon Stewart said something about Ultimate Frisbee.

Matt Esser (briefly) attempted American Ninja Warrior.

NOTE: Thanks to all video providers for use of recordings.

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