Monday, December 07, 2015

Washington DC Current 2016 MLU Schedule

The fourth Major League Ultimate season for D.C. Current starts earlier on the calendar than any season before - on April 9th. In its 10-game regular season, DC plays 3 games versus Boston Whitecaps (2 away, 1 home), 3 games versus New York Rumble (1 away, 2 home) and 4 games versus Philadelphia Spinners (2 away, 2 home).

The Current have back-to-back games in weeks 4 and 10; DC is one of 3 MLU teams with more than 1 back-to-back games on their 2016 schedule. MLU's DC team has 3 bye weeks during the season.

Here is the Current's 2016 schedule in "tweet" format:

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