Friday, January 08, 2016

2016 Events Schedule for Ultimate

Here are some major* ultimate events to calendar in 2016:
Still to be added is Triple Crown Tour events

[Updated 2/3/2016]

16-17: Lei-Out Beach Ultimate tournament; Santa Monica, CA

15-17: Bamasecs Spring Break Beach Tournament; Orange Beach, AL
19-20: Bamasecs Spring Break Grass Tournament; Foley, AL
22-24: Bamasecs Spring Break Beach Tournament; Orange Beach, AL
24-28: Paganello Beach Tournament; Rimini Beach, Italy

1-3: WAFC's Fools Fest; Fredericksburg, VA

2: American Ultimate Disc League season starts

2-3: Ancient City Beach Warm-Up; Saint Augstine, FL

9-10: Major League Ultimate season starts

14-15: USA Ultimate Beach Championships; Virginia Beach, VA

14-15: USAU High School Southern Championships; Atlanta, GA

14-15: USAU High School Central Championships; Ames, IA

21-22: USAU Division III College Championships; Winston-Salem, NC

21-22: USAU High School Northeastern Championships; Pittsburgh, PA

27-30: USA Ultimate College Championships; Raleigh NC

3-6: Windmill Ultimate Frisbee Festival; Amsterdam

4-5: USAU High School Western Championships; Corvallis, OR

18: MLU regular season ends

18-25: World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC2016); London

25-26: MLU Conference Championships; TBD

1-4: US Open Ultimate Championships; South County, RI

2-4: Potlach; Redmond, WA

9-10: TCT Elite-Select Challenge; near Columbus, OH

16: MLU Championship; Franklin Field; Philadelphia, PA

30-31: TCT Pro-Elite Challenge; Aurora, CO

30-31: Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament

31: World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC); Wroclaw, Poland...

1-6:World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC); Wroclaw, Poland

5-7: USAU Masters Championships; Aurora, CO

6-7: AUDL Championship Weekend; Madison, WI

13-14: TCT Select Flight Invite; Westfield, IN

20-21: TCT Pro Flight Finale; Vancouver, WA

27-28: TCT Sectionals

10-11: TCT Regionals

29-30: TCT USA Ultimate National Championships; Rockford, IL

1-2: TCT USA Ultimate National Championships; Rockford, IL

*mostly US-centric

NOTES: This is not intended to be list EVERY ultimate event in 2015, just some major ones. Will update as additional dates are published.

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Anonymous said...

Wildwood is July 30, not June 30.