Tuesday, January 12, 2016

USA Goaltimate Starts Up

Yet another venture from Skip Sewell Productions!

USA Goaltimate (www.usagoaltimate.org) launched and already boasts a team of 10 including Colin McIntyre (USA Ultimate's Standing Rules Committee Chair), (Liam Rosen (Sky'd new Editor in Chief), Claire Chastain (USAU National Youth Outreach Director), and Heather Ann Brauer (USA Ultimate National Girls' Outreach Director).

USAG's mission as the national governing body for the sport of goaltimate, is to create goaltimate playing opportunities for all levels of play and to support the growth of the game through resources, outreach, and education.

A 2016 USA Goaltimate Championship Series is already scheduled.
Western Conference Championship: San Francisco, CA on March 26-27.
Eastern Conference Championship: Raleigh, NC on March 12-13.

We have always been fans of goalty and hope goaltimate becomes more ingrained with ultimate events.

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