Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Field Size for Beach Ultimate Does Not Add Up

What is the exact size for a beach ultimate field? I'm not shore because, well, it depends on whether you have adopted the metric system.

Beach Ultimate Lovers Association (BULA) publishes a diagram with beach ultimate field specifications in both meters AND yardage. However, the true yard dimensions based on BULA's specification (in meters) don't exactly measure up:

BULA's field dimensions vs SLUDGE's meters with actual yardage 
If following BULA's specs (meters), the beach ultimate in yards would be slightly skinnier, and slightly smaller playing field with end zones that are short by more than 1 yard.

15 meters = 16.4 yards
45 meters = 49.2 yards
25 meters = 27.3 yards

In general, an extra 0.3 yard (or 10.8 inches) is not quite one foot, but it could be enough of a player's foot. Any extra space on the beach ulti field would be significant when playing beach ultimate as that additional field space could be the difference between in and out.

Here's a real-life example of possible confusion: Lei-Out announced their beach field size matched regulation field size (25 x 45 + 15 end zones), which is correct only IF those figures are in meters; not yards. Lei-Out was played in Santa Monica, California.

[Originally addressed in June 2015]

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