Thursday, January 28, 2016

What is Goaltimate?

Skip Sewell discussed the new organization organizing goaltimate on Ultiworld's Deep Look [January 26, 2016 episode] podcast.

When asked to describe goaltimate, Sewell responded with:
Sewell: "Goaltimate is essentially the half-court basketball of ultimate Frisbee...involves a hoop - an arc that you throw the disc through (that's how you score). It's 4-on-4; 5-second stall count. It's a much faster, much more portable game than ultimate."
To be honest, portability has never crossed my mind in defining a field sport. Is the comparison setting up 8 cones for an ultimate field versus erecting the goaltimate kit?


Earlier in the month, USAG conducted a Twitter poll on abbreviation preferences of goaltimate. The survey results should not shock you.

screengrab via

Nearly 8 out of 10 respondents chose "goalty" over the other 2 choices - goalti (nuh-uh) and goal-ultimate (not a chance). For the record, "goal-ultimate" is not an abbreviation.

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