Saturday, January 23, 2016

Frisbee Anniversary Celebrated Today

According to the History Channel, on this day (January 23) in 1957, "Toy company Wham-O produces first Frisbees."

Hey, this blog supports having an annual day to celebrate the invention of the disc that made the sport of ultimate possible. But, let's be clear that January 23rd was not chosen because of what one source allegedly says happened today in 1957. This blog is always looking at an opportunity to celebrate the disc, but not at the expense of revising history.  January 23rd works well, plus it's easy to remember...1/23.

Fact checks on History's claim:

1. In 1957, Whamo-O was known as Wamo (no "h," no hyphen) Manufacturing Company.

2. The flying plastic disc was called "Pluto Platter" in 1957 and later renamed "Frisbee" in 1958.

3. The disc shown rolling as a transition during the history lesson's video portion is not a Frisbee(R); it's a Discraft Ultra-Star.

4. There is no citation listed on this event of machines rolling out a first batch of discs - even when asked. Moreover, I contacted History via their support link on their website in 2015. No reply. No update.

Honestly, it's highly unlikely that Wamo (Wham-O) a small toy company in the late 1950's executed this contract AND started production of the toy. Perhaps a 21st Century toy corporation could/would do that.

So what actually happened on the 23rd day of January in 1957? Here is actual evidence of what occurred on January 23, 1957, regarding a plastic toy that became the Frisbee and the company that would later be known as Wham-O.

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