Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Pittsburgh Ultimate Team Considers Name Change To Washington Redskins

According to Sin The Fields podcast [December 31, 2015 episode], the selection process of Pittsburgh's co-ed ultimate team — Muff'n Men — is underway. The team played as "Muff'n Men" since its founding in 2007, but the mixed division team was forced to change their name by USA Ultimate for the Triple Crown tour 2015 season.

Sin The Fields did a 4-minute segment (starting at 30:00 *WARNING: strong language*) on some of the poll choices of Pittsburghian options plus the write-in choices.  And, the write-in with one of the most votes was...
"Washington Redskins" with 6 total votes.

See the online poll:

screengrab of online poll
Patrick Stegemoeller, co-host of STF, labeled the DC NFL football team choice as "Andy Kaufman-level."

Co-host Tad Wissel dared the Pittsburgh ultimate team to "do the right thing."

While some politicians have publicly opined that the Washington professional football team should change the name, it's clear the name change remains a hot button issue for the NFL team. States are even taking measures to forbid the use of Native American names as mascots.


See below for The Muff 'n Men's team name poll introduction and a disclaimer that votes are "informational only and will be used to help determine a new team name."

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