Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best of the Ultimate Beasts

Humans sure are doing a superb job of playing Ultimate. But, which animals (can you imagine?) would excel at Ultimate?  Whether planning for the future inter-species Ultimate game, or applying it as a metaphor for player recruitment, use your human brain to dream up your starting seven species.

Jimmy Leppert of Skyd recently provided insight on his starting 7 non-humans.

I compiled visuals based on answers by Leppert & Pranksters (below):
Leppert's starting 7: receivers = dolphin, cheetah; defense = dog, bluefin tuna;
handlers = orangutan, bear; captain = lion.

Middlebury Pranksters' starting 7: golden eagle, bluefin tuna, blue whale, giraffe, black mamba, cheetah, boa constrictor

My starting 7: receivers = dog (border collie), giraffe; defense = octopus, falcon; handlers = chimpanzee, kangaroo; captain = tiger.


Anonymous said...

Sludge, you are awesome. But that blue whale is clearly a sperm whale. And that black mamba is clearly a cobra. A for effort, though. :-D

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 5:52pm,
zoOMG! Clearly.