Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 2: For Huckness Sake

Game 1: vs Huck Norris
Sludge returned to their 16th fall season and swiftly fell into form.

Broken on the first point, Sludge recovered with the next 4 scores. An active offense was on display after turnovers - Joe-to-Michael-to-Amy; Henry-to-Bucci; Mike-to-Michael.

Christy's defense led to Brian's high flick to Russ; up 8-4 at half.

Both teams took shots down field on the short field. What gave Sludge the advantage were open cuts underneath and then well-angled cutting to space near the end zone.

Sludge rolled in the second half with lofty pulls and deep connections. Charlie's 40-yard backhand to Henry; 10-5.  Henry's tip catch D, then hammer to Russ; 12-5. Matthew's overthrow caught by Joe; 14-6.

Win 15-6.

(Triple-play thanks to Tim!)

Game 2: vs Hucking Justice

The next game was played on the parallel field at Sligo; the second game for both teams.

Sludge snagged an early break with a score from Bucci to Rachel; 1-0. The zone D regularly forced multi-throws and effectively slowed down the G'town grads.

The first half was back and forth (2's, 3's, 4's, 4-5, 6's). Joe's breakside backhands to Rachel were a regular feeder for points as were Henry's connections to Amy.

Sludge's 8-1 stockpiling played to a keep-the-disc-moving sensibility capped off by Matthew's blade-y hammer to Steve. The comfortable 14-7 lead started to shrink just as the sideline complimented the team as "mature."

[STAT: Sludge scored on 69% (29) of the first 42 total points played; then 12.5% on last 8 points of the day.] 15-12.

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