Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Plastic Addict

Marvin Paul owns 4500 flying discs, and fondly refers to his collection as "Frisbee Museum Plasticus Addictus." Marvin's online collection ranges from pie tins (Frisbie's Bakery) to early sport discs (Wham-O vs Discraft chart).  Marvelling at the early origins of disc-shaped plastic toys is a great reminder of innovation, playfulness, and Wham-O's integral contribution!

Anyone who loves chasing plastic will appreciate the vast disc history at Some collection gems:
"Sputnik" Sailing Satellite (first Wham-O-designed disc) [via MarvinsFlyingDiscCollection]
1980 European Frisbee Golf Championships, sponsored by NIKE  [via MarvinsFlyingDiscCollection]
Wham-O disc for a Disc Golf Tourney. $50,000 prize! [via MarvinsFlyingDiscCollection]
Grateful Dead Frisbee by WHAM-O [via MarvinsFlyingDiscCollection]

"Buzzbee" Catch-A-Buzz Toss & Toke [via MarvinsFlyingDiscCollection]

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