Thursday, September 05, 2013

Triple Crown Tour 2013 Season Rankings

For the seventh and final time, USA Ultimate posted their club team rankings for the Triple Crown Tour. As noted on their website, the USA Ultimate Club Rankings Algorithm becomes more accurate later in the season as more valid scores are provided by club tournament directors and teams.

Women . Mixed . Men.

Within the top 16 teams, there was very little movement of ranking. Fury (18-3) was ranked #1 throughout the entire season. Nightlock (#14) was the only Top-16 women's club team during the season to be ranked outside of the Top-16.
Top-25 women club teams and their rank movement during the season.
To further display this lack of movement in the women's team rankings, you can see the consistency of rankings throughout the season:

By request, here's the women club team ranking points throughout the season:

There is consistency within the Top-10 mixed teams throughout the season. Blackbird (#10) is the only Top-10 team that dropped below 10th place. The Top-4 mixed teams - AMP, Polar Bears, CLX, Slow White - remained in the top 5 during the whole regular season. Love Tractor (#25, not shown) was the only team, besides AMP & CLX, to be ranked 1st (on August 7).

Florida United (on 7/24) was the only other #1 team besides Revolver (11-4). Lots of movement toward the end of the season to settle final rankings.



Anonymous said...

I like the lower visualisation. Thanks for doing this :)

Anonymous said...

You should do the lower chart with points instead of rank. I think it might show a clearer picture.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 2:12pm,
Good idea. The post has been updated per your suggestion.