Friday, September 13, 2013

World Games Medal Meddling

A few did-you-know items from this summer's The World Games in Colombia:

1. Medals are not given to everyone on the team. Similar to the Olympics, only players - not coaches - received medals. So, for the USA Ultimate World Games team, neither Alex Ghesquiere nor Matt Tsang were awarded a gold medal.

2. Game attendance was over 10,000! The attendance estimates at the flying disc medal games was upwards of 10,000! Host-country Colombia played Canada in the bronze medal game, and the gold medal game was USA vs Australia.

3. The 2013 World Games medals had a misspelling. Yes, a typo! Instead of "World" medals read "Word." (All athletes were promised replacement of flawed medals. UPDATE: Maybe not!)
Front of defective TWG medal. Back of medal.

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