Thursday, September 12, 2013

Briny Foam Roller

Imagine bringing a foam roller AND pickles/juice to your next Ultimate game as ONE item. After months of testing prototypes, I invented a foam roller with a built-in pickle jar!
  • Foam roller, a cylindrical piece of extruded hard-celled foam, helps with localized self-massage increasing blood-flow within the muscle.
  • Pickle juice, which is high in sodium helps the body retain fluids, and helps to eliminate cramping. The average pickle spear contains nearly twice the amount of sodium than a sports drink.
No longer will you have to lug around 1 foam roller AND 1 jar of pickles! Just grab the PICK & ROLL. By combining these two important products for athletes, this all-in-one hybrid is going to revolutionize Ultimate sidelines and athletic recovery in the 21st century!

Pick & Roll prototype

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