Monday, September 02, 2013

Crossover Cancellation

The Labor Day holiday was celebrated early at the USAU Pro Flight Finale in Davis, California.

The USA Ultimate Club regular season finished this past weekend with the Pro Flight Finale featuring 8 teams in each of the men, women & mixed divisions. On the first day, all 8 teams were scheduled with 3 pool games and 1 crossover game (same-seeded team from a different pool). After the 3rd game, USAU, citing weather/health concerns, cancelled the last game of the day. The crossover games were highly anticipated matchups before the next day's 8-team tournament.

Here's the schedule before the cancellation of the fourth game:

#1s: Revolver, Ironside; #2: Ring of Fire, Machine; #3: Chain of Lightning, Sockeye; #4: GOAT, Doublewide 

#1: Chad Larson Experience, Polar Bears; #2: Mischief, Slow White; #3: Drag'n Thrust, Blackbird; #4: American BBQ, Cosa Nostra

#1: Nemesis, Riot; #2: Fury, Scandal; #3: Ozone, Capitals; #4: Molly Brown, Showdown

Per USAU's Score Reporter: "Update 8/31/13 - Crossover games cancelled due to heat, taking into account the fact that games were originally scheduled as an additional playing opportunity, but did not impact Pro Finale competition format."

Per USAU's facebook post: "Due to extreme heat-related weather concerns and after consulting with participating teams, event organizers and USA Ultimate have cancelled today's final round of the Pro Flight Finale. This round was originally intended as a bonus "crossover" round with no impact on the outcome of the tournament. Action continues on Sunday with the quarters, semis, and finals."

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