Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Future of Ultimate Game Score Reporting

Reporting scores of Ultimate games with only two numbers may be the easiest way, but it's not the best - for fans or for the sport. I have suggested a more-is-better approach to improve final score announcements.  But, the tournament system - especially Score Reporter - is too narrowly focused on the end game, or more precisely, the end of the game.

Other sports are starting to showcase their game data [e.g. Box Score Replay (basketball), IBM Slamtracker (tennis)]; so can Ultimate.

Say hello to Ultimate Tournament Center!

What you will see is nearly as dynamic as our Ultimate sport - charts and graphs illustrating the relationships between variables with multiple measurements of time, trending, and functional comparisons.

Check out these UTC visuals! They are completely devoid of chartjunk! UTC provides final and halftime score, plus trending for scoring & point diff. And, an interactive point-by-point game graph. And, mouse-over a chart for data point detail.

Screenshot of interactive graph: Team Scores by Point 
The future of reporting Ultimate game scores is here! The readability and visibility analysis of these charts are figuratively off the charts! I hope more Ultimate organizations and leagues consider game portals like UTC.

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