Monday, October 07, 2013

[Chart] Locations of Club Ultimate Teams Playing at Nationals

USA Ultimate's 2013 National Club Championships starts soon! A total of 20 states/provinces are represented at this year's USAU Club finals, with California sending the most teams (7) of any state.
State/Province location of the Nationals qualifiers from all divisions
1st: California* (7 teams)
*The Southwest Region bids were all won by California teams (Men: Revolver, Condors; Mixed: Polar Bears, Mischief; 7 Figures; Women: Fury, Nightlock).
2nd: Massachusetts (5 teams)
3rd: DC, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Washington (3 teams)
4th: British Columbia, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Ontario, Quebec (2 teams)
5th: Florida, Iowa, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (1 team)

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Mackey said...

With blackbird out this year, however, Boston takes top city honors!

Mackey said...

Or at least ties, I believe. Depends on how you classify those Bay Area squads.