Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Refund

ESPN3's "entertainment" coverage of USA Ultimate's Club Championships finished today. After four days of competition, three deserving Ultimate teams were crowned champions. This event also concludes the first-year of the multi-year contract of streamed games Ultimate via ESPN.

Visibility is a key word for USA Ultimate. Visibility takes on many forms - published articles, ESPN coverage, clinics, and other ideas.

Any coverage of Ultimate is good for the sport. Without it, this wonderfully athletic competitive sport will not progress to a wider audience outside of the Ultimate community.

Progress does not happen overnight. Having ESPN's coverage is an important partner, and over time, this relationship will help grow the sport grow to its potential.

Read and heed this his disclaimer, Ultimate players/fans:
"Sorry, No Refund For Visibility Change"

[Photo taken at Sears/Willis Tower (Chicago, IL)]

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