Thursday, October 03, 2013

Ultimate Exposure

'Visibility' has been a catchword utilized by USA Ultimate on social media; in tweets and a claim of "Exposure to 25 million readers!" on Facebook. The referenced Ultimate Frisbee article by Time magazine is optimistic, boosted by two color photographs of in-game Ultimate players.

What's unclear is how many READERS?! My hope is every single one of them reads the article, or at least admires the pretty pictures. But, 25 MILLION, really?

While the wikipedia profile states a "readership of 25 million" without citation, USAU supported the 25 million stat with Time's LinkedIn profile:
TIME magazine: "...domestic audience of 20 million and a global audience of 25 million." "...24 million unique visitors per month"

Time magazine's paid circulation is over three million (3,301,056 [Alliance for Audited Media]). Yet, for non-subscribers, the online version of the article is limited to 3 paragraphs. Somewhere/somehow 21 million more readers are will be exposed to Ultimate.

For those keeping tally at home, 191 million = combined exposure to Ultimate.
25M (from Time)
83M (from ESPN3's college coverage)
+ 83M (from ESPN3's US Open coverage)

Visibility! See?

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Anonymous said...

Contrary to their self-centered claim, this is not an article on "USA Ultimate. It's a feature on "Ultimate" which happens to include information about USA Ultimate (as well as the MLU and AUDL).