Tuesday, October 22, 2013

USAU 2013 Nationals Snapshots

First, a look at the entire 4-day tournament:
Men division: In 50 games, 1248 goals were scored.
Mixed division: In 50 games, 1219 goals were scored.
Women division: In 50 games, 1195 goals were scored.

As Ultiworld points out, much ado about nothing with teams "tanking" on Day 1 (Pool Play) to better position itself on Day 2 (Championship Bracket).

Comparing the average margin of victory of Day 2 vs Day 1, all divisions were consistently competitive; Women (+1.041); Men (-0.67); Mixed (+0.21).

Comparing 3 rounds of Pool Play vs the first 2 rounds, very little changed; Women (+0.125); Men (+0.19); Mixed (+0.585).

The 11:45am round on Friday, Oct 18th for Men & Mixed was impacted by a lightning delay.
Data reflects only Day 1 of Pool Play & Day 2 of the Championship Bracket.
Data Source = USAU Score Reporter Men . Mixed . Women .


Anonymous said...

One big issue (I thought, and folks seemed to agree) was that 2/3rds or so of the teams only got to play 2 days of games.
Can you do a post showing how many games teams were able to play/points played by teams to see if it was relatively equitable value for the money with regards to tourney fee?

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 9:05am,
Based on the new format each team had an equal chance to win the championship. Here's a breakdown of scheduled games where 4 teams (25%) within each division played 1 more game.
FINALISTS = 7 games.
(THU: 3 in Pool Play;
FRI: 2 in Championship Bracket, SAT: 1 in semi-final,
SUN: 1 in finals)

(THU: 3 in Pool Play;
FRI: 2 in Championship Bracket,
SAT: 1 in semi-final,
SUN: 1 in 3rd place game)

ALL OTHER TEAMS that LOST in 1st/2nd round of Champs Bracket = 6 games.
(THU: 3 in Pool Play;
FRI: 1 in Championship Bracket, 2 in flight/placement games,
SAT: none,
SUN: none)