Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 8: Not Sweet

After losing two games last week (12-15 vs Aftershock; 4-15 vs Ultimallers), Sludge continued its post-OBX funk with a slow start to Saturday's game; 0-5.

The brown team warmed up and scored consecutive points; Charlie's backhand to Joe, Andrew to David to Michael on the endzone line, Russ with a catch D & assist to Joe; 3-5.

The first half scoring continued with Brian's downwind backhand to Matthew, David's advised hammer, and a flow-y point of Bucci-to-Joe-to-Russ-to-Rachel; 7-8.

A mighty wind existed which was better navigated by Cardinal Sins, while Sludge's zone defense was tested aerobically with marathon points. On offense, there was no even flow. First and second cuts were regularly denied forcing Sludge handlers into impatience and inability to find mismatches.

Sludge was outscored 2-7 after halftime; loss 9-15. Let's just say this would have been a good game to bring a book to, for any fans visiting from California.

Applause for Rachel & Bucci for playing savage!

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