Wednesday, October 02, 2013

MLU Announces Jersey Deal with Puma

In 2014, Major League Ultimate announced jerseys (kits) will be made by Puma. MLU's 2013 uniforms were produced by Five UltimateSince 2010, the Germany-based sportswear company has been adding more deals with teams to sport Puma-designed uniforms. Not to mention, sponsorships with Deadmau5 and Jamaica's track and field team.

The internationally-known Puma brand is carried by Foot Locker, Dick's, Nordstrom, plus has their own stand alone stores.

Inspired by this enormous sponsorship announcement for professional Ultimate, here are some redesigned MLU logos.
Cats can CATch, right?

MLU logo + PUMA icon


Anonymous said...

I saw the announcement that they'd be ordering jerseys from Puma... where did you read it was sponsorship? There's a big difference... my ultimate team could have Puma design our uniforms.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 12:50pm,
Good point. The 'sponsorship' reference has been redacted.

MRB said...

If the jerseys carry a Puma logo, it's a sponsorship - otherwise, why is MLU in the business of making an exclusive deal with them, when teams could simply order Puma jerseys themselves already. It's most likely simply a credit towards additional puma gear.

Sludge said...

For a league that hypes everything MLU, it's bizarre they have not disclosed anything more in length about their Puma deal.

Sludge said...

Snader said in Ultiworld's 12/9/13 podcast RE: PUMA deal:
"good relationship with them"
"not a direct sponsorship"